Request for user rights is the process by which the community decides who will be given additional user rights, including who will become administrators (also known as admins or sysops) or who will be given Rollback privileges. A user generally submits his/her own request for user rights, and the community is given the opportunity to voice their support or disapproval.

  • For adminship requests: Please be familiar with the administrators' reading list, how-to guide, and guide to requests for additional rights before submitting your request.
  • For rollback requests: Please be familiar with the Rollback feature, the principle of assume good faith, and guide to requests for additional rights before submitting a request.

There are no official requirements for being granted additional user rights. However, there are some general guidelines that members of the community will consider when reviewing requests.

Basic GuidelinesEdit

Things to consider before making a requestEdit

  • Additional user rights are not a trophy awarded for good contributions; they are granted only when the user has demonstrated a need for the extra abilities.
  • There are many constructive ways a person can help maintain the wiki without having additional user privileges:
    • Participating in community projects to improve the wiki.
    • Talking to newcomers to help them learn constructive editing.
    • Undoing vandalism of articles.
    • Taking care of various maintenance problems.

Things the community will consider when judging a requestEdit

  • How long has the person been an active contributor to the wiki?
  • Does the person show a consistent level of grammar in their edits?
  • Has the person shown a strong level of familiarity with the way wikis function?
  • Has the person demonstrated a need for the extra abilities due to extensive anti-vandalism or other maintenance work?
  • Have they had dealings with other users on a regular basis in a fair, restrained, and constructive manner?
  • Can the person tell the difference between good faith edits and vandalism?
  • Has the person had experience using additional user privileges on another wiki project?

How to submit a requestEdit

  1. Create a new section on Intel Wiki:Requests for user rights/Requests with the "Add a new request" button.
  2. In the new section you created you can tell the wiki community exactly why you think you are a good candidate. It is a good idea to include a brief summary of your experience and any of your contributions that you think are important. You may also include links to your userpage on any other wiki projects you have contributed to.

Guidelines for commenting on a requestEdit

Everyone is encouraged to support a user by leaving a signature and a reason why they support/oppose. Non-constructive posts will be removed.

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